Neo-Cure 5% CBG oil

Content: 10ml

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non psychoactive  phytocannabinoid with favourable safety and efficacy profile. It has found the way into many food supplement products across the globe.  To create a traditional formula that is completely biologic we used full spectrum hemp extract and added cold pressed hemp seed oil. Natural Full Spectrum Cannabis Sativa Extract with Cannabigerol in Oil Solution

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This product is:


Gluten free

GMO free

Sugar free

Alcohol free

Product contains CBD

THC free

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Usage exception

Carrier: MCT coconut oil; Active ingredient: cannabigerol (from Cannabis sativa extract (flower)); Flavour: Terpene profile mix (Cannabis sativa aroma); Antioxidant: alpha- tocopherol. Contains 0.00% to 0.05% THC

Contains: 5% CBG in 10 ml = approx. 220 drops

Take 3 times a day.4 drops*
Can be taken directly dropped under the tongue to keep it there for 60 seconds before swallowing or as advised by your health care professional.

*. 4 drops = 10 mg CBG, the actual dosage requirement may differ per person.

The dosage requirement per person.
3 drops per 50kg human weight
4 drops per 75kg human weight
5 drops per 100kg human weight

Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Keep tightly closed in a dry, cool and dark place.
When opened finish within 2 months.
Shake well before use.

Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet or lifestyle.
This supplement is not suitable for children.
Don’t use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.