Liposomal Curosome Curcumin CureSupport

Content: 250ml

The ingredient cureit® is a product developed by Aurea Biolabs. In contrast to other kinds of Curcumin, which are only a highly dose of a few molecules, it is a full extract of the Curcuma longa (turmeric plant).
This product is:


Gluten free

GMO free

Sugar free

Alcohol free

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Usage exception

Water; emulsifier: lecithin (Sunflower); humectant; glycerol; Cureit®; thickener: Xanthan gum; preservative: potassium sorbate; sweetener: stevia; antioxidant: vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol).

1x5ml Directly into the mouth or in the glass of water, unless otherwise advised by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Contains 100mg Cureit per 5ml.


Required average (EFSA) N/A
CureSupport dosage CUREIT®: 100 mg (per 5 ml)
For a 5-year old child N/A

Store cool and dry.
When opened store in refrigerator and finish within 2 months.
Shake before use.

Keep out of reach of children.
Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet or lifestyle.
Excessive use may have a laxative effect.

About our Curcumin

The ingredient Cureit® is a product developed by Aurea Biolabs. Unlike other types of curcumin, which is only a high dose of a few molecules, it is a complete extract of the Curcuma longa (turmeric plant) added in our product. In this way, the bioavailability of the Turmeric plant has been increased and reaches an immense amount of 80 ng/ml Curcuminoids in the blood plasma. Its absorption is mainly based on passive diffusion in the small intestine. Because of CureSupports unique encapsulation mixture of this product, the bioavailability of the product is further increased, as demonstrated in our clinical trials.

Liposomal Curcumin

CureSupport Liposomal Curosome Curcumin is made according to CureSupports patented liposomal technology. CureSupport’s special liposomal technology ensures that the body absorbs the vitamins in the best possible way. In fact, it is essential to get vitamins to the right place to experience effects from nutritional supplements. Only when the body absorbs CureSupport Liposomal Curosome Curcumin properly, it works!

But how exactly does this liposomal technology work? Liposomes are easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and overcome the barrier faced by many non-encapsulated products, such as traditional tablets or oils. This leads to higher blood dosage levels.


CureSupport and Curcumin

The products of CureSupport are all about absorption. CureSupport is a Dutch company that focuses on the development, production and sales of high quality liposomal dietary supplements. For this reason CureSupport only uses high quality raw materials. Because we are involved in the production of our products from A to Z we can guarantee quality.

Buying vitamins is easy at CureSupport. If you order CureSupport Liposomal Curosome Curcumin online before 13:00 on weekdays, you can be sure that your package will arrive in the mail the same day. In addition to dietary supplements with Curcumin, you can also contact us for vitamin B12 and our CioPet pet line, among others. Do you have any questions? Then be sure to take a look at our FAQ or contact us.