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Extra melatonin against sleep problems: is that wise?

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Melatonin is also called the dark-light hormone and plays a very important role in the sleep of people. Melatonin is the substance that is produced by the body to be able to fall asleep. But we disrupt our natural production of melatonin due to the daily use of mobile devices. Do food supplements offer a solution?

Melatonin disrupted by artificial light

How about quickly sending a message to a friend or playing a game on the tablet: how bad can it really be? The answer to this is very simple: it is very bad for the production of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is the body’s own hormone and is produced somewhere deep in the back of the brain. This place of production is called the pineal gland that delivers the melatonin to the bloodstream. This occurs as soon as dusk sets in and the sun is going under. The melatonin continues to increase in our body until deep into the night, after which the production decreases again by the morning. After all, that is when the sun comes up again.

Let’s go back to the world’s growing smartphone addiction: by looking at bright artificial light on a dark evening, for example from your smartphone or tablet, you are disrupting your own production of melatonin.

What exactly does melatonin do?

“Do we really need melatonin?”, The answer is crystal clear: yes! Melatonin in the body is comparable to a mailman. He can tell all reactors in our body every day that it is dark and that it is therefore time to go to sleep. As a result, organs turn to a so-called ‘sleep mode’ and you will eventually fall asleep easier. That sounds extremely comforting, doesn’t it? Even if there is just one centimeter of daylight coming into your bedroom the next (early!) morning, the melatonin will let the body know that it is time to wake up. Let the day just start again!

Is swallowing extra melatonin wise?

The older we get, the more the natural production of melatonin decreases. In other words, you could say that taking extra is wise. However, only do this on the basis of professional advice. It is therefore not advisable to take melatonin at your own initiative.