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Research shows that 2.6 million cats and 1.5 million dogs are living in the Netherlands. After birds (3.9 million) and fish, these four-legged friends are the most popular pets in the country. A friend, buddy or companion who is always faithfully waiting for you at home: a pet is often a very valuable addition to your life and that for all the other members of the family. Useless to say, but you want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. A cat can live up to 14 years on average. Depending on the breed and therefore the size, dogs often also get that old. By taking good care of your pet, you keep a dog or cat alive longer. Therefore you can choose to support your pets health with products from CioPet!

What is CioPet?

CioPet is a brand that develops products exclusively for pets. CioPet's vision is to innovate so pet owners can provide their pets with an all-natural and effective replenishment. This allows the pets to enjoy the quality of their life. CioPet targets pet owners to offer organic and ethical products. In this way, you as an owner contribute to the health of your pet. Your beloved pet can enjoy their life more, but they also live healthier, happier and longer.

CioPet: CBD for pets

The CioPet range is (for the time being) filled with products for dogs and cats only. For example the Ciopet Dental Sticks With Hemp oil. These dental sticks are specially designed for the health and calmness of your dog's teeth. We also use Hemp oil; an oil that comes from the cannabis plant. However, CioPet products will not get your pet 'high'. The Hemp oil is added to the products so that your pet will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD extracts. These benefits are mentioned and claimed by CBD product users. This product is therefore THC-free. Because the CBD is not psychoactive, users (and also animals) cannot get high from it. This in contrast to THC. CioPet uses only the highest quality CBD for all available pet products.

Several products from CioPet

In addition to the aforementioned dental sticks for dogs, owners of four-legged friends can also buy Ciopet Multivitamin for dogs. These multivitamins have been specially developed for the health and calmness of your dog. In the CioPet jar you will find tablets that you can easily give to your dog. Did you know that one of these vitamins is Vitamin E? If you want to know more about this, be sure to check out "Where does extra vitamin E help people and animals?". CioPet offers a similar product for cats, the Ciopet Multivitamin for cats. Cat owners can also opt for a special oil. CioPet offers the Ciopet 2.5% Hemp Oil for Cats with Fish Flavor for this. This product is also alcohol, gluten, GMO, sugar and THC free.

Buy CioPet from CureSupport

CureSupport is not only a supplier and manufacturer of its own food supplements for humans, but now also offers the same quality products for pets. We always use high-quality raw materials. These are used to manufacture our products under craftsmanship in our own production facilities, giving us complete control over the entire production process. As a result, we are aware of all the ingredients used in all of our products. All of our products are also tested and checked for quality before they are available on the market, including those of your beloved pet. When you order CioPet products in our webshop, you will receive your order within a few days. Do you have questions about buying CioPet from CureSupport? Don't wait any longer and contact one of our experts.