Private label products

At CureSupport we are happy to support our customers with tailor-made solutions.

Private Label

Since decades CureSupport has partnered with its customers to develop and manufacture custom products for the food and nutritional product industries and to assist you with the development and manufacture of your product.

At CureSupport we are happy to support our customers with tailor-made solutions. That’s why CureSupport offers private label services. Together we go for nutritional supplements of the highest quality, so that the best possible products can be developed. With the private label services of CureSupport you sell liposomal supplements, CBD products, medical devises or cosmetics under your own brand name.

As per customer requirements, we will develop the product concept and its formulation and choose the product technology together. Independent lab’s testing will certify your products. If required, we will develop product packaging and positioning. We will support your business model outline and aligning and guide you along the whole process until your products is produced and delivered to your warehouse. This complete tailormade solution is created to benefit the needs of your clients and ultimately fit the local market positioning of your area.

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At CureSupport we are ready to support our customers in several areas. Do you still have specific questions about the developing, formulating and manufacturing your specific product? Don’t hesitate to contact CureSupport.

      Why choose CureSupport?

      The landscape of dietary supplements is changing rapidly. With the development of innovative liposomal nutritional supplements CureSupport is still ahead of the rest. Choose CureSupport and take benefit of the many advantages we offer.

      Why CureSupport?

      We can support you with the registration of the products by  providing you with legally approved documents from the government but also with the technical information your administration requires to register the products. This also applies to:

      • Medical device and cosmetics dossiers support

      What Else?

      Flexibility in New Product Development for CBD, liposomal products & cosmetics

      Complete Technical data sheets and microbiological results

      Tailor-made solutions for primary and secondary packaging

      Global operations

      CureSupport Nederland B.V. has collaborated with brand clients to export products to more than 65 countries worldwide. We continue to serve the needs of our customers through the impact of our excellent products.

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