CureSupport is a Dutch company which is mainly focusing on the development, production and sales of high-quality food supplements. We are THE specialist in the field of liposomal technology.

During preparation of our products, we only use high quality raw materials. With these we produce under solid craftsmanship in our own production facility. Because of this, we maintain full control over the entire production process. CureSupport focuses on improving the bioavailability. Ultimately, this is what is important.

It is all about absorption!

At CureSupport, we decided to take a different approach. It is a very scientific based approach. With major stress on quality, efficacy and bioavailability of our products.


We are a team with the exact knowledge of our field and works together on every aspect. We develop, create and brand. We market, social and sell.

Dr. Riepma, pharmacist, is a specialist in the field of quality systems, this is guaranteeing the high quality of our products. By making use of his knowledge when manufacturing our products, we can supply the highest quality both to professional business customers and to private individuals. Dr. Riepma and his expert team guarantee for the manufacture of food supplements with the highest bioavailability. We produce, we create, we sell and we do business all from one place, Zutphenseweg 55 Deventer.